Lead Recovery Pastor

Myisha Uni Cunningham

Pastor Myisha, affectionately known as Uni, loves learning about herpetology and playing chess with her husband Rob. She enjoys writing, singing, hanging out with family and her local recovery community. She has a passion for the hurting, and a fervor to reach out to those bound in chains to addictions and compulsions. 

Worship Leaders

Kevin and Janae Burchett

Kevin Burchett and his wife Janae have lived in the Jackson community for a few years. Kevin enjoys playing music, watching the NBA, and playing board games with his wife. Janae loves reading, playing piano, and tennis. Kevin and Janae both have a heart for this city and know God has redemptive work in store. 

Church Administrator

Rob Cunningham

Rob loves hanging out with friends, playing board and video games. He also enjoys poetry and shows the love of Jesus by sharing his time and giftings with others.