Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Does the Name "Ravenbrook" come from?

Ravens in the Old Testament (OT) have always been viewed as unclean, the untouchables. As we look through the OT we see a shift begin to happen. God begins to use the raven. The most famous example is found in 1 Kings chapter 17; where God used the raven to feed his prophet Elijah.

In comparison, those of us in recovery are often viewed as unclean, the untouchables. Yet, in the same way God used the raven to feed Elijah, God wants to use those in recovery too. He has declared us clean through the blood of his son Jesus. He has sent us "the ravens" to bring life. 

2. What are our church services like?

Our Wednesday night services are like your typical church services: announcements, worship, offering and a sermon. The sermons are tailored to bridge the gap between the 12 steps, the principles and teachings of Jesus, and how they help us on our recovery journey. Each month we focus on one of the 12 steps. At the end of a year, 12 steps have been covered.

The fourth Wednesday of the month looks a little different. We have announcements and worship but instead of a sermon we give a congregant the opportunity to share their testimony of recovery. This is a powerful moment. Then we end with a celebration and handing out recovery coins.

3. May I bring my kids?

Yes! Recovery Church is a family church. 

4. What do I wear? 

Wear whatever is comfortable. We dress very causal. 

5. Does Recovery Church count as a recovery meeting for recovery court?

Absolutely! 12 steps are covered in the sermons. Pastor Uni or other leaders can sign paperwork for mandated recovery meetings.

6. Are  we  affirming? 

 We believe all people are made in the Image of God and that includes the LGBTQ+ community. We do not believe homosexuality to be a sin. We are definitely affirming to the LGBTQ+ community. Click Here to learn more about what we believe.

7. May I still attend recovery church even though I am not in need of recovery?

That's a big yes. Everyone is welcome. We need allies!