Raven Brook Recovery Church,

Blessings to you all in the name of our Savior, Jesus. These certainly are trying times. During these difficult times I am praying for us to remain unified in love and faith.

I am sure you have heard the governor's orders by now. We are not in a shutdown as we were in early this year. However, we are very close to getting one. You all know the hardships I have been through relating to covid-19. I do not want to feel the pain of losing someone else I love to this disease or having to counsel you through the grief of losing someone to this disease. I love you all dearly. God has given me the task to love, teach, and protect you. I could not have asked for a better church family.

You know we are in a season of waiting on God. The sermons from the past couple of months have solidified this call to wait. As Michiganders we have been asked to wait and do our part in our state. It is through prayer and listening to wisdom, I feel the best way to protect you all and honor God's call for us to wait is to suspend in person gatherings until February 3rd.

So what will Raven Brook Recovery Church look like? We now have even more resources available than we did when we were meeting in person! We are excited to announce the different support options we have put together. 

  • Recovery 7 is a recovery support group created by Pastor Uni that focuses on wholeness: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Here's what it looks like.

A. Outdoor Prayer Walk- Every 1st Monday at Noon. We will walk a few blocks and pray together outside; so dress accordingly. Where will we meet? Home of New Vision Parking Lot. 407 W Michigan Ave.

B. Monday evenings from 7-8 PM we will have a zoom recovery support group available.

  • We will have church services available online by 6PM on Tuesdays.

A. Visit our website to view sermons.

B. Follow us on YouTube or Facebook to find updates, and sermons.

  • The After-Church Party

A. Join us for 30 minutes on Zoom at 7:15PM after the sermon on Tuesday night. Here we get to discuss the sermon and how it relates to us and our recovery.

  • Wednesdays at 6PM- Zoom Bible Study. Consider this Breaking Bread 4.0.
  • Step Study will meet on Zoom- Thursdays at 6PM
  • We have recovery coaching available

A. Visit

B. Call (517) 826-3032 to schedule

  • Emergency Hotline to call if you feel like you want to use. (833) 204-9060

*To get the Zoom ID number please text or call (517) 817-8761

Finally brothers and sisters, I ask you to continue to give your offerings and tithes as well, so we can stay current on our bills. Please visit here to give:

Let's continue to pray we stay united in faith and love. Blessings.

Pastor Uni Cunningham